Is this adhd thing - lack of responses

If I say thank you, he says nothing. “Thank you for bringing the vacuum upstairs.”  Silence. “Thank you for how hard you work to provide for us.”  Silence. 

If we are on the phone, he just barely manages to mumble a goodbye. Each and every time. If I didn’t know what the word was supposed to sound like, I wouldn’t recognize it as a goodbye.

Texting. I can make a request - no answer. I won’t know if he is going to do it or not. If I say something sweet to him, no response. If I printed out our texts, you’d see me doing a lot of reaching out.  He isn’t bothered.  But if I turn it around and do the same... he notices and asks why I’m not answering.  So he is aware of what is expected.

If I email him, I’m lucky to get a response, even if it is super serious. The response is always suuuuuper short.

It is all very unsatisfying and feels like “why do I talk to this man?”