Is this an ADHD trait? Melissa please help!

I am not sure about this one,I have not read about this so I am lost, but could someone please tell me if their ADHD spouse ever celebrates a Birthday,Anniversary,Christmas,New years etc,My husband has done that to me where he never celebrates an occasion,and now his ex child's mother just email me saying that he never sends the child Christmas cards,birthday cards "nothing"could anyone please tell me if they have experienced this and what is the cause???

Thank you!


It could be forgetfulness. 

It could be forgetfulness.  Or just plain bone-headedness.  I can tell you that my NON-ADHD Dad would ask me for many years when my Mom's birthday and their anniversary was (the two dates are about 3 weeks apart).  He would say, "I know it's coming up, but I just can't remember when it is..."

It used to make me laugh as my Dad is a genius.  I have ADHD and am a little like Rainman with birthdays.  I can remember the birthdays of kids I went to school with in 4th grade but was never even friends with.  Just don't ask me what you said 5 minutes ago ;).

A lot of women tend to take responsibility for things like that, so their husbands (ADHD or not) tend to absolve themselves of having to do that sort of thing. My husband is not like that, and I'm sure there are many who are not, but I can't tell you how many women I know who buy gifts for their in-laws because their spouses "can't" be trusted to remember (I don't buy this, personally).  Given that your husband is divorced from the woman who would have probably done for/reminded him of his child's birthday, his flaw is exposed.  How sad for his child.