ADHD versus Bipolar

I have been reading this website for a month or so and it has been a bit eye opening and also scary because so many of the posts are similar to my own situation with my husband. My husband exhibits so many of the symptoms of ADHD and has experienced these since childhood. He finally went to see a pyschologist and after completing a couple of hours of testing, basically filling out a bunch of questionnaires and surveys, they diagnosed him with bipolor disorder and not adhd. Now we are super confused, frustrated and really don't know where to go from here. My husband is very discouraged. I am having a hard time believing the bipolar diagnosis. I may be in denial but I just don't see it even once I read about the disorder. In a nutshell my husband has the following characteristics: inability to concentrate, trouble following multiple step instructions (esp directions for assembly, that type of thing), problems focusing, cannot focus to read without complete silence and no interruption (he does not read books because of the problems concentrating, this is even when he is just reading an article on the internet), trouble sitting still, very active, always on the move, angers easily, and has trouble controlling his impulses (such as breaking things if he cannot get them to work within a short timeframe). He had trouble in school when he was young because he couldn't focus. One thing that does not seem typical adhd is that he does NOT procrastinate, it's almost the other end of the spectrum for that - once he gets an idea in his head, he completes (or attempts to complete) the task immediately. He is also extremely organized and if things are out of place it drives him crazy. He is pretty hyper which I know is characteristic with manic episode of bipolor but I just dont see any kind of swings. He has mood swings in the sense that when something sets him off then he gets angry quickly and acts impulsively. But he doesn't have swings where he is hyper then depressed or anything like that. He is just a hyper type person all the time.  I'm wondering if anyone went through something similar and any insight that you can provide. Thanks a bunch!