ADHD wife with 3 kids wants independence, space and wants to move out.

Hello everyone,

    Im Danny 31 year old. I have a pretty complex situation. My wife is 25 years old and had been diagnosed with ADHD since she was little. She also has Anxiety. We have 3 kids which the last 2 are mine oldest is almost 4. My situation is that about a month ago my wife broke down and told me she needs space and her independence. I do the best I can taking on just about all the chores when shes at school during the day. I work at night time. She thanks me for keeping her anxiety down. Anyway we havent fought in a long time over her ADHD blowing up on me cause i let her just go her few min and thats it. pretty much saying im not aruging with her cause I understand how she is. Shes also told me after our talks that she is overwhelmed especially after having baby #3, she feels depressed. Also that around baby #3 started to develop she told me she started feeling depressed and more overwhelmed and more anxity. Can it be postparudum depression? Her sex drive is shot but she refuses to take meds anymore which makes me think that anit depressions are doing that. Around the house when friends are around shes happy, and fun. We rarly argue about things we dont curse each other out. She just says she feels bad that she doesnt deserve me and she does not know why she feels this way, she will always love me no matter what, bout last month or so she said she didnt want to live anymore, even that she only said it once. she feels bad for wanted to leave and have her own apartment. we dated pretty soon before we got married and had kids. She said shes not enfatuated with me like we used to. just the in love and sex drive is gone. she tells me i should go do things and go out. She thinks if she has space it will get better or maybe it wont (not is a snobby way any of this) just says she cant control how she feels. I tried asking her to go on little dates with me like we used to to bring the romance back, she just says she doesnt want to. she said she cant live without me in her life. we get along also. I know my wife loves me to death and she knows I do also. Said she always feels bad about this or feels guilty cause of that. I dont know whats goin on.  sorry this is a mess of a forum i just wrote but just a little emotional. Is there anything i can do? should she just have her space and see what happens? Im pretty good at reading people and comming up with solutions but this time everytime i try another angle to save our marriage or make her feel liek she could i feel like there a wall infront of me. I just dont know what to do at this point or how to react. If anyone has any more questions please ask me i need all the help i can get. Im sure i missed a few things but my break at work is over. Thank you everyone for your help.