ADHD wife, communication issues

I am a newbie. My wife was diagnosed with ADHD recently and we have been married for less than a year. One of the things that troubles/concerns/frustrates me is that (among other things) she often makes inappropriate comments which many a times sounds awkward and rude. Her comments makes me wonder whether she thinks about what she says. When I ask her about her comments, she says that it is all logical and ok to her and she gives a long winded explanation as to why she is right. Even that sometimes doesn't always makes sense. When I confront her with the inconsistencies, she immediately goes on the extreme defensive and says that I am not being supportive of her views and that I am always supporting the other side.

The problem is that she has been doing this with all of my family members (especially the close ones) and I am concerned that there will be a point when things will get strained.

I want to help her and ensure that my marriage works out well. I would appreciate all suggestions in this regard.