ADHDer's Concern for Non-ADHD?

Alrighty, gang...  Need a bit of help on this one. I'm not going to deny that I've been in my own little world with regards to my relationship with my dear ADHD partner. Things must be done my way. I've had a very clear "script" in my head on how things should go, etc. Not uncommon for us codependents, really. :) A lot of my troubles have been with things not getting done MY way, and I'd freak out when they weren't. (Just like it says in Melissa's book!) 

Spent the day with my DP yesterday at the house, and had a very enjoyable time. Really reminiscent of why we got together in the first place. 

I was surprised when it came up that part of his troubles with things as they were before was his paralyzing concern for me, what I want, and my situation. (Lots of personally stuff within a relatively short period occurred.)  He actually went MIA a number of times. 

My natural tendency has been to call "BS" on it, chalk it up as an "ADHD excuse" and begin berating. That didn't happen. I actually believed what he was saying. That is odd for me in this situation.

So, my question is this -- Can anyone here help me on this one? I REALLY want to be hopeful on this, but I'm nervous. How do ADHDers show concern? Has anyone else fled (literally - run away) when it gets really​ tough? What do you hope us non-ADHD folks knew about your actual desire to be connected and concerned?