ADHD/OCD and the monster in the fridge

Firstly, I'm the one with the disorder(s).  I have OCD, ADHD and a BONUS eating disorder.  In order to be successful, I must have a plan, make advanced preparations and a stable routine.  After 10 years of dating, in my infinite wisdom, I agreed to marry my long time partner and his alcoholism.  We are fast approaching our 2nd anniversary and I am fast approaching a full scale lock me in the psych ward meltdown.  

I've just come home from an overly long "vacation"with my terminally ill parents to find our home completely in a shambles.  My plants are all dead.  When I opened the fridge to grab a mineral water something with tentacles and a demonic voice tried to pull me into the fridge.  There is dog feces on the carpet in the spare bedroom.  The bed is unmade.  There are no edible food stuffs in the house.  The dishes I washed and left in the dish drainer to dry THREE WEEKS AGO are still sitting there.  MY bathroom is a wreck, as he simply decided to use mine while I was away and didn't have the courtesy to empty the waste basket, refill the toilet tissue, clean his whiskers out of the sink, pick up the towels off the floor, or flush the toilet regularly.  We have a house guest coming in a week to help me get my eating disorder back under control and stay with me while I go to the gym.  I am freaking out.

My husband works all week except Wednesday and I would like to actually spend some quality time with him after my prolonged absence- but I am enraged!  I have a week to get all this in order and I've actually phoned a friend to help.  Why should I have to call a friend to help when I have a husband, my alleged partner?!!!  Because he wont help and I know I will have to do it all by myself.  Now my ADHD is doing the cha cha with my OCD and I cannot figure out where to start.  I have no plan.  I've been trying to unpack form my trip, but I feel like I need to get the furniture moved into the guest room before my friend comes to help me tomorrow.  I could just go take a big hand full of my meds and knock myself into a comfortable state of apathy, but then who will get any of this done?