Hey everyone, first time posting in here. I am halfway through reading the adhd effect book and I am so happy to know there are solutions. My husband has Adhd and I don't we have been married for 2.5 years and together for 8. I fell in love with him because of his adhd really, he's so passionate and fearless and great storyteller he's so extreme in everything he does and I've always loved it. We knew his adhd was becoming more of a serious problem when his driving became dangerous. He was very distracted and we had many close calls, then his road rage became out of control. So he decided to get medication again (he was medicated from age 4-18). Once we got married a year later we bought a house. We bought a house that is livable but can be improved over time. Since then things have been very different. We thought it was financial stress but things have been good. We thought it was other things and we tried working on them but no matter how hard I tried it didn't change things. So far from what I have read from the book it is bang on with all our issues. My husband is more involved in video games and tv and the dog then me. I am constantly doing everything. God forbid I ask him to do something. God forbid I don't say something nicely. He has anger issues which spiral into defensiveness, he will start to say really awful things to me that are completely exaggerated and it's very difficult to talk to him. He only chooses to medicate on days when he has paperwork to do at work and when he comes home it's so nice. I've had this book for a week now and I really want him to read it. I don't want to progress the book further without him. I told him we could start adhd coaching when we are done the book and he was excited for that. My problem is he won't read the book. I've tried not nagging, just subtle hints like hey I'm going to read this art book do u want to come read with me but no. Tomorrow he has the day off for himself and I really hope he makes the effort without me saying anything and then I'll have hope. We put a pause on trying for a baby until we sort this out because I'm so tired, so so tired of constantly having someone angry at me and doing everything around the house and he's tired with me aswell (which I'm excited to learn more about the adhd effect) I feel so alone and he's so great and I really want this to work. It's like I'm living with two different people (when he's medicated and when he's not)  I just hope he reads even some of the book tomorrow or else I don't know what to do.