Advice on Confronting Wife

My wife has ADD.  It went undiagnosed for most of her life.  After a web search I figured she had ADD and I told her to ask a therapist about it.  Of course she was immediately prescribed Adderall.  At first it wasn't so bad.  Some things got better, she would clean up a bit better and not sleep in so late, and I sure it helped her with work.  This was several years ago.  With the Adderall her drinking has gotten worse, she drinks 5 to 6 drinks a night.  She claims she needs to drink to sleep.  In addition, her doctor has put her on thyroid meds and she had a Hysterectony.  Her chemical balance is all messed up.  If I even try to mention it she gets super defensive.

Her behavior in the last few months has become very self obsessed andn mean.  She is always on her phone and just wants to hang out with her friends.  She is gotten very short and irritable with me.  Sometimes I think she is having an affair, but I checked her phone and no evidence of that.

I would like to get her to drink less and get off the adderall.   However I think she may be addicted to at least one of them.

Any advice.