Advice possible from those with ADHD on communication?

Hello all,


If you've read any of my past post, you can tell my husband and I have pretty much seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. My husband had pretty significant ADHD as a child, now at 27 he has been in the military going on 8 years, is good at his good. The problem is, "communication". We have had a lot of issues arise due to lack of communication or simply communication being broken down. I myself after the birth of our daughter and a tremendous amount of stress, developed a mood disorder and depression. Thus I have anger issues and at times, especially in the past have lost my cool with him, and done things I am not proud of. Anyways, he struggles telling me things now, because he is afraid I will over react or get angry. I  know it will take time to trust again, and rebuild but i get so frustrated. Sometimes when i'm upset and i try to talk with him, if i say anything slightly critical he just shuts down, that's it. He says he only likes to discuss things once and that's all you get. He has told me, he hates disappointing me etc.