After disaster, trying a new approach to ADHD- a medical food!

I have a teen with Autism and ADHD and various health issues like causing most of these labels. While he has done well on Propanolol for anxiety and aggression, he still struggles alot with ADD/ADHD type symptoms. We were going to try out Strattera for him, but since we hadn't hit our insurance deductible it was going to cost us $400 plus per month, which is ridiculous. Strattera doesn't even have the best reviews and he cannot tolerate stimulants and Tenex had limited effectiveness for him. 

I signed him up for an executive functioning class for teens, in hope it would give him enough skills to overcome some of these deficits. It turned into a disaster. Due to being on an inhaler for the effects of a lung infection he had to stop his Propanolol. The other students there were, according to their parents, on high doses of Concerta (Tenex at night when it wore off) and thus could sit and focus. The instructor ended up getting so agitated by my son's restlessness that he threatened to strap him to the chair, and allowed the other students to add in that they should tase my son. My son stormed out of there and when I confronted this teacher he claimed it was all a big joke and my son should know that as he is in junior high now. Needless to say, I filed a complaint and gratefuly the center addressed it. But it scared me how his symptoms getting out of control put my son potentially in harms way. 

We've had success with Vayarin, a medical food for ADHD, with my other son who has the same medical issues and combined ADHD diagnosis from our Neurologist. It's helped with some of the younger son's defiant behaviors, so I am hopeful we see improvement for this child as well. I just want him to be able to control himself, focus, and take part in all life has to offer. After seeing how untreated ADHD is affecting their father's life (no follow through on projects, has to go to extremes with continual activities just to function and self regulate to the exclusion of family) and has wrecked my marriage, I have decided to do whatever I can to get my kids the help they need so they don't struggle in the same way.