Ah! Another weekend pretty much on my own!

Husband informs me last night that someone screwed up something at work and they need to rebuild the whole thing by Monday so everyone is to work both Sat/Sun. And not only Sat/Sun, but 2nd shift and most likely a 12 hour shift so that means he'll be working from 1PM to 1AM. He is also working 2nd shift today, most likely until 1AM. It will be another clean and get things done weekend just like 2 weeks ago when he was gone for the race weekend. And I like the fact that it's 12 hours AND 2nd shift because it means he isn't leaving at 4AM on Saturday morning and working until 11AM or something because then I feel that I have to get up just as early to get things done before he gets home. This way I can be leisurely until he leaves and then get busy doing whatever. He'll be at work when I get home tonight too so I can stop and do some shopping on my way home or go to the library without him pitching a fit because I'm an hour later than usual! However it may also turn into a case of he goes in at 1PM but then is home by 6PM for whatever reason. That's one thing I hate is that sometimes he just shows up at home at random times because there wasn't a enough work or everyone else was leaving so he did too. I hate it when I am watching some cheesy show and making some experimental dinner that only I would watch and eat (and I'm only watching and eating it because he isn't home or I'd catch flak for it!) and then he surprisingly walks through the front door and the first thing out of his mouth is "WHY are you watching THAT?" and "WHAT is that smell?"

I skipped out on an after work function earlier this week because I always get the cold shoulder from him when I go to these after work and don't get home until 8 PM or so. After work functions usually involve drinks and apps and I think he just gets upset that I'm doing it without him or that I might have too much to drink so I have declined to go to quite a few simply because I don't want him mad at me. If he worked 2nd shift all the time then I could go to these and he wouldn't be any the wiser.

Why is it I'm so much happier when I can do stuff without him being around? I am actually excited that I can walk through the front door tonight whenever I want and eat whatever I want and watch whatever I want without him making fun of what I'm watching, criticize me on what I'm eating or asking where I've been!