The Ah-Ha! Moment

I read Melissa Orlov's book, "The ADHD Effect on Marriage" a few weeks ago.  I gained a whole new appreciation and empathy for my Non-ADHD husband and what it has been like for him to be married to me for the past 18 years!  I was diagnosed about 2 years ago, but I have struggled to get my husband to show much interest in learning about my condition.  I really wanted him to read the book too so that hopefully he could understand the reasons for his own frustrations and maybe also develop some empathy for what it's like for me to live with ADHD every day of my life.  

Well, he promised to read it and I think mostly out of a sense of duty to me, he started reading it last week.  We have not discussed it yet because he has not finished it.  But he told me tonight that he ORDERED A COPY for his law partner's daughter (she has ADHD) who is now engaged!  He said maybe they can avoid a lot of problems if they know the information in the book because "it's GOING to come up, so they may as well be prepared for it."  He wants to wait to really discuss everything until he's done, but I am SO ENCOURAGED and I just wanted to share this good news with my new friends on this site!  

My hope is that when he finishes reading the book, we can talk about all of it and he will be open to the idea of seeking out an ADHD Coach.  I have located a psychiatrist in my city who primarily treats children, but has also developed a specialty in working with ADHD women.  I want to contact him to see if either he can help me or if he can recommend a coach.  I feel like we are one step closer to getting some real help for me and our marriage.  I am so happy!