Ailment of the day

Anyone else's ADHD person always seem to have some ailment?  My DH has had more illnesses and issues and surgeries than anyone else I know and just the daily complaints are just unreal.   Headaches almost daily.  His knees hurt.  His eyes bother him.  He has an ear ache-needs to get his ears cleaned out.  Last night it was a stomach ache that made him sleep on the couch (I do not see the connection there but whatever).  It really is almost comical: something is always wrong.  Couple that with the drama of daily life-wow.  Today was the company outing at Great America (Gurnee Illinois).  Texted him to see how it was.  The response?  AWFUL.  Okay then.  I try to text once a day to see how his day is.  I realize our marriage is circling the drain but I can at least do that.  I would say 4 days out of 5 the response is something negative: long day, hot, boring, people are stupid.  Something.  The drama!

I suspect the reason for all of these ailments is a few things: when there really is an issue (out of date glasses giving him a headache), he cannot pull it together to make an appointment at the eye doctor to get a new prescription so the headaches continue, along with the complaining.  Ditto the painful knees.  The disorganization of ADHD means he can't remember to make the necessary appointments.  Also he is overweight but spends every night and virtually all day Saturday and Sunday sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games.  Another ADHD behavior-sucked in by a screen and time just goes by.  Also the idea that real life is actually pretty boring so let's stir up some drama and get some attention for myself by not feeling well.  I would imagine it's some combination of all of those things but wow--it's kind of ridiculous how many ailments one grown man has in the course of a week.