Alchohol and binge night with the boys

Hi everyone.  I have a spouse who has ADHD.  He went out drinking with his friends and came home very drunk at 3:40am, after having blacked out.  I was upset because when he drinks he can be very nice, but also can be very sharp with me, or he shows poor boundaries even if I am present.   Normally he wont go out, but twice in the last month, he has been a jerk when he was drinking, and this latest night really got to me.  The guys went to a meat market, he couldnt even walk when he got home, and when I tried to talk to him about it the next day, it was my problem.   And I felt like he was flip flopping with the truth.  I am so sad because he has relented and agreed not to drink and wont put himself in that situation anymore, but his apologies were somewhat 'backhanded' where I was the problem.  I am so confused.  So to make sure he understood me fully (I asked him to paraphrase yesterday what I said) because sometimes he will say if we have talked about something minor and it happens again, "You never said that" or "I didnt know" and this issue is important enough to me that I need to know it wont happen again.   And then 15 minutes later, he tells me, "Oh, by the way, the guys I got hired with want to go to vegas for our 20 anniversary of hiring".  I was really upset because its like he never heard me!   I used to be able to talk to him and now, he is just angry with me about it.  He doesnt want to hear about it, but I need to talk about it.   I am so sad because now he is hiding things from me, I dont want to bug him more, but I am really scared and sad.   Is this ADHD?