All I want for Christmas

Dear Santa

I've been an awfully good girl for  nearly 55 years. I haven't been greedy. I have worked hard and have a good job. I have looked after my parents and raised a child. I have been (in the main) polite in the most taxing of circumstances.I have waited and waited for things to get better. I haven't asked for impossible things. I haven't expected impossible things.

However, just this once I am making a very special list for you.

I would like for Christmas:

- a visibility cloak    so that I can be seen

- a pair of ears       so that I can be heard

- some strong arms      so that I can be held

- a new heart         because mine is pretty battered and rusted up

- a new bag of patience    because mine has worn thin

- a sachet of vim and vigour    because I've run very low

- an optimism transplant    I know this last one is hard to track down, but I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep growing my own

If you have run out of these things, that's ok. I understand.  But if that is the case, can I ask instead for one of those black wand things that Will Smith waves in front of people in Men in Black to erase their memories? 

Oh, and a frying pan for those special moments when words just don't get through

Thank you for reading this Santa. I know you are very busy at this time of year. I wish you and Mrs Santa a very Merry Christmas.