Alone together

I have discovered there is nothing more lonely than having a spouse who doesn't acknowledge your pain. 

Married 26 years next month. 

Was visiting our home town last week and on Saturday I get up to use the restroom as old men do. I remember putting my hand on the wall and recall the texture. The next thing I remember is being on all fours and staring at the hem of her pajama pants. Apparently I passed out. Fell and hit the toilet and bruised several ribs pretty good and banged my elbow on something. 

In the process I knocked a planted off the back and broke the garbage can.

My spouse's reaction? Irritation about the garbage can. "What the hell is going on in here". All I could say was I fell down and I crawled on all fours to the bed. I was in a state ofsheer terror in pain disoriented sweating hyperventilating. Not once did she ask if I needed anything, was I ok, do I need to call the hospital nothing. She did get up 3 more times to make sure the garbage can was picked up and the floor was swept. Then went back to sleep. I got up and moved to a chair because laying down was excruciating. When she woke up at 7 and I was in the chair...nothing no comment no concern. Was more concerned with explaining the garbage can to her parents. This is the third time in the last few years something similar has happened and the response has always been the same 

I know my ADHD effects how I see people's reaction brain creates its own narrative. I tried to bring it up today and her response was "well it was 1am do you know how confused I was" then "why are you picking a fight about it"  so here I sit wondering if my feelings are even valid or if it's all in my head.