Alright. That's enough loneliness for me!

I've felt enough loneliness in my relationship to last an entire lifetime!

My workaholic ADD partner just accepted a new shift where he works from 4pm-2am Tuesday to Sunday. Meaning, he'll never have or be able to take a Friday or Saturday off. He's suppose to be one of the top guys there so I'm not sure why he's even being asked to work on the weekends?!?!?! The other top guy refused the shift and told my partner to do the same... but my partner "just can't say no".  (he says no to me constantly, heh, interesting!<--- to the point where I even think he has ODD.) 

Awesome. We never spend time together because when he's not working his 10 hour shifts he's working on "projects" for no extra pay. 

My family has already been asking me how I live my life with him rarely ever seeing one another, and I told them I don't like it but that's how it is... Now it's going to be worse!!! :((((

I want a new partner!

I'm way too lonely.

I need someone who can spend more time with me and more time focusing on "our" life. I'm 29.. not married, no kids and life just feels like it's speeding up and passing me by. My friends are all in the getting married, having kids "phase" of life and I'm just waiting around for my boyfriend to spend even an hour with me.

I can see now why people exit the relationship and have emotional affairs...