Am I Being Gaslighted?

I (non-ADHD) went on a 2-week vacation with my ADHD partner. It was highly stressful at times, because he was rushing through the packing and planning, and scheduling multiple stops in a day without considering rest time, time to eat, time to just not do anything at all and relax. 

I was irritable at times, because I would get tired or overwhelmed by the time constraints vs. all that we planned. There were a lot of highlights and positive things about our trip. But when we came home, he blamed me for being too angry, stressed, and uncomfortable the entire time. He did not see anything positive in our trip, and we seem to have completely different perspectives on how the trip actually went. I am feeling a bit out of my mind, and depressed about it. That, after all that stress and tolerating his own feelings of overwhelm and depression, I still thought there were some great moments. And yet, none of that was satisfying for him, or meant anything. 

It seems he is ruminating intensely on all that went wrong, and I feel accused of being a major disappointment. It's really starting to bring me down and making me feel like I am a complete unenjoyable, impossible travel partner. While I've said why I was stressed at different times (I got a brief episode of stomach flu, and got injured while camping), nothing has changed his attitude or opinion about this apparently miserable trip for him. 

I don't know what to do anymore.