Am I crazy?!

Saturday I got super PO'd at my ex when I found he hadn't wipes his son's butt good enough. I mean, I went into major shut down mode. I haven't said two words to him since. 

Well, today, Monday, my son pooped himself again. I took him downstairs to clean it and my ex met us in the bathroom. I told him he can either take it from here or let me do it. He took care of it, but once my kid came back upstairs I decided to check how clean he was. Well, I had to use two wipes to get him totally clean. There was even a visible brown spot when I started. 

I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!!!! This isn't stuff I can just ignore. His ass has to be cleaned!!! This isn't a job you can leave half done. I just want to scream and go running home to my family in Carolina!! But I love my job here. 

Oh my god, what do I do?! 

I'm looking at renting places, but my ex will still get his son once or twice a week and leave his ass half wiped and take him fishing without a life jacket and not pull his chest strap all the way up in the car seat. The car seat thing happened Saturday too. I have been EDUCATING him on the chest strap since freaking BIRTH!!!!!!!


I don't think I'm being a picky, control freak AT ALL!!! Some things seriously have to be done right and consistently!!!!!