Am I dealing with an ADHD partner?!

Am I dealing with a partner with ADHD? I noticed that my husband does the following:

  • He has too many online female friends whom I don't know about. I keep finding about other females on his phones and computers and I don't know who they are. I told him that I want to know who they are and how often he talks to them. I think I should at least know who his friends are as he knows who all of my friends are.
  • Most of the times when I talk he either interrupts, changes the topic, or see uninterested.
  • He's very messy and doesn't care much about organizing and cleaning.
  • He misplaces his keys and other things regularly.
  • He accumulates many things like electronics, cassettes, CDs, photos, clothes, etc.
  • If I tell him I don't like what he's doing or saying he can become defensive and thinks I'm attacking him. He does the same with his family.
  • He complains that he doesn't have anyone to talk to, no one listens to him, and no one is close to him.
  • He wants to have it his way and will do anything to do what he wants regardless if it affects others. 
  • ‌He gets easily fixated on something and won't stop doing it. He'll go deeper into it without concern if it's impacting the relationship.
  • He can be impulsive, irrational and irritable. He also has a lot of energy and likes fast-paced things.