Am I INSANE?! Vent.

Sorry everybody, I have a quick vent. Reminder I am the non ADHD partner. Well, to be honest I definitely have a minor version of it, but nothing like true blue adhders have.  For those of you with adhd/add and are treating it guns a 'blazing, you have my deepest respect!!! 

My boyfriend and I are both home today. I just left for two hours. Came back, walked into my studio, [ we each have our own little room for work and stuff ] and noticed he had been borrowing my printer in there. No problem. Noticed something dark on the floor. It was a mini human TURD.  [He's been stuff? in the nude all day. Don't ask. ] He said he is a 'fast squatter', he had to squat down to reach the printer. He said he  was going to clean it up, but got distracted. 

He is in a fine mood, toodling around all day, nothing wrong with a little turd, hahaha...I didn't react but asked him if he was a monkey.  He cleaned it up once I pointed it out! I thought the dog had had an accident!

Seriously though, a question...


Who is crazier, me or him?! 



Thanks for listening. Yikes.