Amazing how meds work...

My husband was out of his meds for a few days and while I had gotten used to him WITH his meds, no fighting, calm, etc., the difference was astounding! Oh. my. gosh.  If anyone ever doubted that ADHD exists (I have it so I know all too well...) then I have a story to tell!

I know meds don't work for everyone.  In fact, ADHD has to be fine-tuned to each individual need, however, my husband IS one who needs his meds.  The hour after his meds kicked in today, I saw IMMEDIATE calmness in his demeanor and I wasn't ready to divorce him, yet!  (which was a different story this morning!)

Finding the "humor" in ADHD can go a long ways to dealing with it! Fortunately, my spouse does have a good sense of humor--when his ADHD is "not out of check"!  I told him he needs the medication PATCH that has been recently approved (I believe) by the FDA so his ADHD is never out of check again!  Wishful thinking, yeah I know, but hey, maybe one day there will be a 24 hour med that keeps things in harmony and us from showing up on the evening news!! (God help me if it ever gets to that point!)

Just a vent from an ADD wife about her ADHD spouse--again!

Hang in there!