Amazing how meds work...

My husband was out of his meds for a few days and while I had gotten used to him WITH his meds, no fighting, calm, etc., the difference was astounding! Oh. my. gosh.  If anyone ever doubted that ADHD exists (I have it so I know all too well...) then I have a story to tell!

I know meds don't work for everyone.  In fact, ADHD has to be fine-tuned to each individual need, however, my husband IS one who needs his meds.  The hour after his meds kicked in today, I saw IMMEDIATE calmness in his demeanor and I wasn't ready to divorce him, yet!  (which was a different story this morning!)

Finding the "humor" in ADHD can go a long ways to dealing with it! Fortunately, my spouse does have a good sense of humor--when his ADHD is "not out of check"!  I told him he needs the medication PATCH that has been recently approved (I believe) by the FDA so his ADHD is never out of check again!  Wishful thinking, yeah I know, but hey, maybe one day there will be a 24 hour med that keeps things in harmony and us from showing up on the evening news!! (God help me if it ever gets to that point!)

Just a vent from an ADD wife about her ADHD spouse--again!

Hang in there!

My Husband Agreed to See A Doctor!

So glad that you are happy. 

I am wallowing in depression.  My husbands entire family has ADHD and each spouse has the same problems and very similar personalities.  We all console each other.  The worst part is now I am in depression.  I am trying to get out.  I am going to start taking fish oil capsules everyday to survive.  My self esteem is low.  I have four amazing children...but our biggest family not so secret secret is their father.

This morning I showed him the Dr. Oz clip and begged him to see a doctor for us.  For me....he literally is killing me.  I have given up me to avoid conflict with him, because the excuses are ongoing.  I have become silent.   He actually agreed to see a doctor.  The sad thing is will he remember his promise?  or will he turn it around and be condescending at the same time.  Then drive to the appointment and almost get into an accident, just to blame it on me.

We are that perfect looking family with the insanely smart beautiful fantastic popular kids that are like walking angels, but for their father who constantly makes wrong comments and choices. 

I am praying very hard that I will be happy one day. I am working hard to make right choices for my mental and physical health.

you are very lucky.

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I'm so sorry to hear

this.  I have to admit, I'm not always happy, in fact, yesterday I wanted to walk out and leave him.   I know exactly how you are feeling. My husband's ADHD is a DAILY struggle for us all.  His meds do help, but the strain of having ADHD for so long--undiagnosed--has taken a toll on his self-esteem and quite frankly mine too.  It's only been recently that my husband has been more dedicated to taking his meds. Before then, he was a lot like your husband-- in denial.

There does come a time when you have to weigh the odds. Above all, take care of YOU first. It's so easy to get lost in the ADHD'er's world.  I tell my husband that he's exhausting to be around 'cause of the energy he consumes from everyone.  When he was an over-the-road truck driver, I enjoyed the peace!  In order to survive being married to an ADHD'er, you have to take care of you. Please hang in there and know you have support here!  You are definitely not alone!

Take care now!