And of course she forgot...

My wife was supposed to have her first meeting with a therapist who specializes in ADHD.  During out couples session, however, she said that she had to reschedule it because she forgot to do the paperwork!

There was also a lot of stress last night while I was trying to work on an important (potential life saving) project.  The 12 year old kept interrupting me as I was responding to edits suggested by an attorney.  Part of their complaint was that my wife kept failing to take them to a thrift store as promised.  My wife justified this by saying she has so much to do and can't be expected to remember everything, so she made these promises and then had to reschedule repeatedly because she forgot about other commitments.  The 12 year old said that Mom keeps lying to them about this.  I told my wife that she needs to think carefully about whether or not she can do something before she promises to do it.  She became really upset later because our 18 year old had also said he can't trust her because of all the broken promises (such as repeated promises of trips to Disney.) 

This why treating her ADHD is so important.  She doesn't want the kids to distrust her, but she has yet to work on building that trust by making only promises she can keeo.