And once in a while, I get a really good laugh!!!

I was watching the movie 'Jerry McGuire' this evening.  A romance scene comes on the screen, my spouse slams down the footrest of the recliner, jumps out of the chair, and grumbles, "I'm going to bed."  

A few minutes later I hear the upstairs shower.

Uh Oh.  It dawned on me that I had taken down the shower curtain this afternoon and washed it, then forgot to put it in back up.

I ran upstairs and said through the closed bathroom door, "Hey, sorry, I forgot to get the shower curtain out of the wash machine."

So dear, dear ADHD spouse, grumbles, "It doesn't matter. . . . I'm running the water really slow. . . . . ."

LOL.  LOL.  LOL!!!!  I can't believe it.  I just really cannot believe it.