And the pet peeve of the day is. . . . . . .

Twice today, I have been in a conversation with someone, and my ADHD spouse has walked up to us, starting his own conversation as he walked up - in a very load voice - with the person I was talking too.  Ugghh.  I just want to scream.  

These are the situations I just don't know how to get a grip on. . . . . I just walk away. . . .  I don;t know how to address it without starting an argument.  

Any one have  any luck dealing with these sorts of situations.  

I hear his voice outside, still carrying on the conversation . . . didn't even notice I walked away. . . . or didn't seem to care.  One or the other.

I feel disrespected.  I feel cross.  



Interrupt him with, "Oh _______insert his name, You snuck up on us, ha ha. Wow, you were quiet!* Ah, I was just telling __________ here about ___________" keep your talk moving and animated and turn to your original talker and continue where you were.

*(Or Wow, I could hear you down the street - just a minute.)

When he mentions later how rude you were to interrupt him, he will say he is just being friendly.  Tell him that smart, gracious people know how to be gregarious without seeming rude and you were making sure your friend didn't think dh was a bumpkin by letting him "cut into" the conversation.  He probably thinks he is spreading his wonderful personality around and that you both appreciate his gosh darn, casual, warm frivolity. (Part of what is maddening about loud friendly interruptions is that it is clear to us that the intruder believes himself to be more important, interesting and charming than whoever they are interrupting)  Don't expect him to remember the lesson for next time.  You have to continue to hold your own ground so that you are not spending your life being resentful. The other part that is maddening is that we have more proof that we married someone who does not know a little etiquette and charm - something people need to be successful at relationships.