And tonight is another bad night......

Today was a good day.  We got some things done, even tho I have a very nasty cold.   

Tonight, while I was taking a shower, I heard all this swearing.  I knew that H was feeding our dogs and that also means that our diabetic dog will get a shot right after.   We had gotten a brand new Rx for the insulin today.   When I heard the extensive swearing, I could only guess what had happened.  H had dropped the new bottle of insulin and broke it.   While still in the shower, I quickly asked what time it was hoping we could call the pharmacy before it closed.   H yelled at me to "give me time" to find out the time.   ?? he was in the kitchen....there is a clock on the stove and on the microwave!!!!   


Then H screamed at me and asked why I wanted to know the time and I told him why.   He called the pharmacy but it was too late....closed.   Luckily, we still had some insulin left in the "old bottle" which has not yet expired.    H came into the bathroom to YELL AT ME that the pharmacy is closed and that he did call because he always does what I want, and that I never do anything that HE wants.   (omg!)


I didn't reprimand H for not being careful.  I didn't scold him.   I literally said NOTHING about his dropping the bottle to make him feel bad  (ALTHO I have told him MANY times to ONLY handle the bottle while it's above a table or counter, so if it drops, it won't drop far and break.)    We keep the bottles in a padded thermal container in the fridge, so moving the container from fridge to counter is no risk if that were to drop.     . So, once I cleaned up the mess on the floor , it was obvious that H was handling the bottle over the floor (in the middle of the kitchen).   I said nothing because saying anything at that point would be worthless and just make him more angry.


H gave the dog his shot using the old (but still ok) insulin, and then slammed the bedroom door.   Then he came out and said that I get a reprieve for being sick, but that once I'm well, he's going to yell at me because he's still angry at something our son did over 2 years ago.   (this is his old "go to" complaint that he drums up whenever he's upset.)


So....a good day is now ruined because H wasn't careful and dropped/broke the dogs insulin. 


Now...of course, everyone drops things occasionally.   That's why we take extra careful steps when handling special things.  


But, H is frequently dropping/breaking things.  Yesterday, he picked up my coffee cup and dropped it....breaking it.  He has broken 1 iPad, I laptop, and 2 Tablets within 7 months....all due to clumsy behavior....dropping them, stepping on them (after he set his tablet down by the bed, he stepped on it).   He has knocked the mirror off the side of his car, dented the side of our son's car by dropping a heavy object near it, dented the back of my car by backing into something, backed his own car into a mailbox, etc.


He's just not careful (his parents NEVER taught him to be CAREFUL.)  (idiots!)


I knew that as soon as he dropped that insulin and the fact that I wasn't nearby to directly blame, that he would somehow change gears so that he could yell at me.....and he did.