anger, boredom, frustration and anxiety.

I have the most wonderful man in my life finally! I have just recently divorced from my second husband, the man I am with now saved me from a very physically and emotionally abusive relationship. For several months everything was perfect. then the same old problems began surfacing again. He has never lied to me, (there is no question, it is fact) but yet I still find myself doubting, I am quick to feel rejected and this frustrates him. I have great difficulty expressing my feelings and this usually starts many fights where I will cite numerous things that really don't matter and have nothing to do with the real problem. He loves me completely and is the only reason he is still here. But I can't seem to get a grip, so I fear I will lose him. I am on medication for ADHD, I am also narcoleptic. any suggestions to make the monsters go away before he does?

Confront the monsters

There's not a lot of info here, so at the risk of writing something completely nonsensical, I suggest confronting the monsters head-on and dealing with the fallout.  Tell your beau everything you're thinking - or better yet, write it, with the caveat that you're  a freakin' mess, and desperately love him, but that you have skeletons that won't stay in the closet.  Address the issues, confront the problems, air the laundry.  If you have a working chance, you'll both see it.  If you don't you'll see that too, but at least then you won't suffer the grinding decline into desperation and despair.  Face your fear, and conquer it, or not, but be not afraid.  All humanity has weakness; to be human is to have weakness.  But remember that bravery is doing what needs to be done in the face of your fear, and cowardice is letting your fear dictate your actions.