anger management

I have ADD and I have a problem managing my anger.  I seem to rage at the drop of a hat.  I don't want to be this way.  I try exercise, meditation....Nothing seems to work.  I can be going along fine and I just can get so angry at any given moment.  I literally can feel it in my stomach....How can I help to calm down.  It is killing my marriage.

nice work

I think it is admirable that you recognize this about yourself, are setting a goal, and trying to work on it (especially in such a healthy way). And that you realize the effect it must have on your partner (as someone who lived for years with a spouse with this issue, it can be pretty traumatic to be on the receiving end and it is no fun to live walking on eggshells).

That said, perhaps you could get some assistance from a doctor, like a therapist or psychologist, who knows some specific things that may help in your efforts. It is actually called "anger management" because you develop and learn ways to deal with it. Are you on any medication? I know that my STBX's medication actually made his rage issues worse. Best of luck to you. 

Good Advice

thanks for your advice.  What is stbx medication? I have never heard of it.  I have been on anti depressants but the weight gain has been my big reason for not staying on them. 

She meant that her "soon to

She meant that her "soon to be ex" was on meds that made his rage issues worse. Lol.

I'd definitely echo Lynninny's suggest to see a doctor or psychologist. Meds may work. My husband takes Vyvanse for his ADHD, and he says that when he's on it, some situations make him very angry, so he tries to avoid taking it when he's going to be faced with that situation.

He only takes his meds sporadically anyway, so it's not totally that. I think he said once that when he feels the rage, he takes a moment to step out of it and focus on what is making him so angry. Is it the situation itself or is the situation playing off of past hurts? Once he has addressed the real reason, 8 out of 10 times, it diffuses his anger.

Perhaps the ADHD is just exacerbating latent issues within you that need to be confronted. Getting some counseling would be a great help, I would think.

Best of luck to you.