Anger outburst and raging tantrums.

Well, Today he had that "anger outburst and raging tantrums",,,," he is either overly sweet, OR overly bad".NO middle!! Today he went to collect his payments for doing a job he had done for a doctor,a regular doctor,NOT,an ADHD doctor,he found the privilege in asking the non-ADHD doctor for advice,well,we all know where this is going,the stupid doctor filled his head with stupidness, telling him that the ADHD pills have "BAD" side effects, and that he should consider,WHAT!!!!!!!!! no! no! no!! I have been working soooo hard to get him treated, and then the"wrong"advice is the last thing I need to go down right now.He did indeed make the effort,but,the wrong one!!! well he came to me this morning showing me a non-Identified prescription for an ADHD a like treatment, the regular doctor prescribed.I am so very mad right now, but I am learning to repeat the (pause) in my anger.

I told him no!!!!! don't get those pills,and that we should in fact seek the help of an ADHD specialist,well,he went on to even show me a number the regular doctor gave him for an ADHD specialist,right,so then why the hell if the regular doctor is not a specialist in the ADHD field gave that sort of advice,he is no position, and I will confront that doctor soon,, his office is down my street,This stupid man is playing with my marriage!!!!urggggg!!!!!

Well then he got mad at me for saying the right thing"low tolerance behavior" and fling the food I gave him for work in the car,jumped in the car then honk the horn for some time,mmmmmmmmmmm,then he cursed excessively before bending the corner(loud).Well,I was expecting that! either two things, it was too early in the morning for ADHD discussion(yes) or he just don't want to deal with the truth,either way he did bring tears to my eyes,even though I knew it was his ADHD acting up(trait).

Then he called 2 hours later in a soft voice,telling me that (in fact) he was not prepared to discuss ADHD that early in the morning,but,he brought it up first,ha,what a contradiction.Then he went on to tell me he loves me and that "we" would go to the correct doctor,ORR how sweet,look!! I am soo tired of all this and the stupid way it would go down.He is so not in any position to make that sort of move without me,I am the one reading,blogging,doing researches and not him!!! I would indeed address this to him in the right environment in a nice way,or else we would end up divorce if he proceeds in the wrong direction.

I am not prepared for ADHD to take over our marriage!!