My husband's dose of adderall was increased in May, along with a few other new drugs, for anxiety, blood pressure, etc. This past week we brought home my 4 1/2 year old nephew, for good ( my parents have been raising him, my sister is a drug addict, and we are taking him in, forever :)  ). Anyway we drove from NY to NC earlier last week, about 20 mins from home, an argument insued - typical of our daily lives the past 2 months - and he "ignited" calling me every name imaginable beginning with " f'in C-NT!!!!", etc...poured water over my head in the car; threatened to kick me out of car, call 911, drove erratically on highway, all in front of and with my 4 year old nephew present in the car!. Kept telling him to stop, he was scaring him...just got more aggressive. The night just got worse, became physical when I attempted to video him with my phone because he threatened to pee in my car (just juvenille). He attacked me in order to get my phone, tried to lock me out of the house. He ran to my nephews room, and again tried to get my phone, in front of him, and i put up a fight. needless to say, he took it, and i didn't see it again til 10 the next morning. he refused to let my nephew call my parents that night. Since then, 7 days ago, he acts like it never happened,...gave me an orchid with no apology or words,...makes "digs" in front of nephew, but the 1 time i did, called me out,....and has the nerve to accuse me of not "being sweet" and always talking with a tone, whether I really am or not. Seriously?! I'm so over this ADHD bullshit, and mental anguish. Not what I envisioned when I pictured us as a family, not to mention trying for 1 of our own (last chance at my age - 40). So torn & conflicted!! Could this really be the medication?!?! NEVER gotten physical before,...but temper, yes! But nothing like this!!!