Anger/Confusion/Thinking related to ADHD/Medication?

Hello, I'm starting to lose home in my marriage. I love my wife very much and we have been married for a little over a year. She is diagnosed with ADHD and is confident in talking about it and feels she is in total control of its symptoms. She is taking Adderall and has been for long before we were married. Everything we do ends in conflict, from household chores to planning a vacation. I know that communcation is key and I know that i'm not perfect but, we can be talking about anything, and if I use one wrong word to describe something, the entire conversation is ignored and the one word is focused on, whether it be to accuse me of changing facts, accusing her of something, taking a stab or just flat out missing the point. I know she has "hyper focus" type tendencies ... can this be associated with her condition? What can I do to make this work better? There is so much anger and unhappiness ... I have stopped talking since everything I say gets disected and used against me in some way ... I don't think she is this way on purpose ... Any thoughts would be appreciated. Bob, NY