Angry Outburst This Morning

Sometimes it is not good to just keep handling things and accepting unfairness and accepting negligence and lowering your expectations to accept irresponsibility and lack of love and doing extra work yourself because someone is not willing/able to do their share. Sometimes things are unfair and you just WANT change even if you know you can't change them to be the way you would like. 

I used to be fun and a good mom and a good wife.  Strong and smart and funny and dependable and had lots of friends.  I used to enjoy so many things and feel good most of the time. I was talented and a team player. What happened to me?  I don't have the confidence I once had.  I don't have the sense of humor or even appreciation for things I once had.  I am irritated and tired. I worked too hard. I am lonely and suspicious. I feel ugly and probably look it. I am overwhelmed with financial worries even though I am educated and worked very hard and saved and invested.

Sometimes an angry outburst is necessary just to remind yourself that you are alive and you need to be heard.  It sometimes ISN'T WRONG to be angry and let it show! It IS WRONG to be nice in some situations.

Stuffing and compromising is not good for your SOUL!  I have passion and emotions and feelings and pride!  I get to find and enjoy the happy, carefree, personable, lovable soul that was in my body somewhere long ago.   It is not going to happen if all I do is manage and quietly compromise. I AM ANGRY and not backing down!  FINALLY - GLORY BE!