Angry when I ask simple questions

Help! My H has never been diagnosed with ADD (he won't seek any kind of help or assessment). I suspect, however,it would be confirmed.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how they handled it...

My H gets angry and defensive at the simplest questions. Especially if one question leads to another. It can be about the simplest thing. Today it was a question about charging a battery. He was using a battery charger and needed to look up something. I asked three questions about it and he became angry. I was just trying to become more knowledgeable. This kind of thing happens all the time. It's like he thinks I'm picking at how or why he's doing something when I'm really just trying to learn.

Is this kind of response to simple questions sound like an ADD trait?

It's the same when he needs help w/a problem. I try to be supportive with advice or an opinion (usually when asked) and then all of a sudden he's angry because I'm 1) pushing him to do something before he's ready, 2) telling him what to do.

I get this all the time. Along with an overwhelmed "I can't talk about this right now".

I am starting to lose hope that we can have a normal conversation. Anyone have any suggestions? Similar experiences?

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I'm not certain it's directly

I'm not certain it's directly caused by ADHD, but more likely the stress and frustration and irritation and lack of patience that often results from ADHD symptoms.

I've done it often enough as an ADHDer.  I've also seen my non-ADHD wife do it often enough as well.  I get the "I can't/don't want to talk about this now" line all the time from her.

Just yesterday, I had a pretty good day.  In the morning, I'd finished fixing some troublesome plumbing problems with both our toilets and after tidying up my tools and such, decided to get some house cleaning done so we could all relax for the rest of the weekend.  I was looking for a spray bottle that we usually kept bleach-water in, but couldn't find it in any of the usual spots.  I found another unlabeled spray bottle that I didn't recognize, and I couldn't quite figure out what was in it.  So, I ASKED!  (Thank you, bilf.  ;) )  

I asked DW if she knew what was in the spray bottle, explaining that I was looking for the bleach-water sprayer but couldn't find it.  Instead of helping me out or just saying she wasn't sure, she snapped that I should read the label (it wasn't labeled) and that the bleach-water had been around here somewhere last week.

Guh.  As Batman once said, "Some days, you just can't get rid of a bomb."



Today, I purposely responded

Today, I purposely responded to my husband in a snarky tone when he was trying to tell me how to correctly back up the car.  I thought, what the hell; whenever I try to give him directions or instructions, he is an ass.  A little while ago, I apologized and pointed out that he often speaks to me in a snarky way, and he professed to not be aware of his tone.  Very frustrating.  Seems as though lack of self-awareness imposes a double standard; I'm aware and thus don't (typically) say things meanly; he's not aware and so says things meanly all the time.

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Me too

I can so relate to your quandry. My husband has been diagnosed with NPD (a diagnosis he rejects, of course), and I have been told he likely has ADHD as well. What you described is my experience way too often. The latest happened 2 days ago. I got an unintelligible phone message that I could barely make out was from our insurance company- apparently related to some changes that I knew nothing about. I texted my husband, and asked if he knew what it was about. He replied "yes", and gave a confusing summary of what had occurred. To make a long story short, I asked a few questions in response about the changes, and asked him to keep me informed. He launched into a tirade about how stupid I was to not understand his cryptic responses, how it was none of my F'ng business, and how I had insulted him. I was stunned. There was no insult, and when I told him I didn't understand why he said that, he only replied that I "did it". I texted him that I would just call the insurance company to get the information since they had called me about it anyway, and he immediately called me on the phone and raged at me, calling me an idiot, a stupid, f'ing manipulative bitch, told me I was a control freak, a micro-manager, and a snot! He said he finds my questions "annoying". I was speechless. He then told me I would be "lucky" if he ever spoke to me again, and told me to stay away from him! I have also had the problem of him asking for my advice, and when I give it, telling me I think I know everything and that I'm a control freak. This is always a no-win scenario. He even complains if I don't talk- tells me I'm being a bitch. I have tried to speak to him about this behavior to no avail- he wants it just forgotten afterwards with no apology, no promise to even try to do better.