Angry when I ask simple questions

Help! My H has never been diagnosed with ADD (he won't seek any kind of help or assessment). I suspect, however,it would be confirmed.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this and how they handled it...

My H gets angry and defensive at the simplest questions. Especially if one question leads to another. It can be about the simplest thing. Today it was a question about charging a battery. He was using a battery charger and needed to look up something. I asked three questions about it and he became angry. I was just trying to become more knowledgeable. This kind of thing happens all the time. It's like he thinks I'm picking at how or why he's doing something when I'm really just trying to learn.

Is this kind of response to simple questions sound like an ADD trait?

It's the same when he needs help w/a problem. I try to be supportive with advice or an opinion (usually when asked) and then all of a sudden he's angry because I'm 1) pushing him to do something before he's ready, 2) telling him what to do.

I get this all the time. Along with an overwhelmed "I can't talk about this right now".

I am starting to lose hope that we can have a normal conversation. Anyone have any suggestions? Similar experiences?