annoying childish mockking behavior

What is this constant pushing thing? Its like he mocks the tone of my voice mocks what I say or do...even mocks my 8years olds voice??? When I tell him he is pushing me. I try to explain he is crossing the line. Like too much poking fun sarcasm mocking like hyper mode. I ask him to stop he keeps going. Or says ok I will stop then turn around do it again for the last 2 days. We do havw alot going on right now and are separating actually. ...but this is all after telling me he loves me and is trying to fix himself etc...then jumps back to hyper child jerk mode like a kid trying to piss off his mom! The most frustrating thing. Brings me to tears and makes me feel like I a goung crazy! How do I deal? How do I not let it make me crazy and hate him? Why does he have to make me look like the over sensitive mom? I miss when he used to its just annoying and crazy making