Another awkward social situation


I'm new to this forum, and I'd like to introduce myself. My fiancee and I are in our 20s, finishing college and job hunting. He was diagnosed with ADD a decade ago. In the past year, I've learned some things about ADD/ADHD, and in the light of that information, I suspect that many of our recurrent arguments are related to his ADD and my own lack of understanding. So now when he does something that drives me crazy, I try googling the behavior with "ADD". Tonight it was another awkward social situation that ultimately led me to this website, and I am glad I found it. Essentially he has difficulty focusing on the conversation, especially when there are 2+ people involved, and can't tell when something is inappropriate. The result is that his contributions to the conversation consist of a series of embarrasing non-sequiters and rambling stories (eg, I asked a woman we'd just met what her major was, and the conversation turned to art history. My fiancee interjected with a story about Japanese p-rn he'd seen in a museum. You can imagine my embarrassment). I'm looking forward to reading the blogs on communication, perhaps there will be some useful information there to help us address this issue.

Anyway, I guess I'm here just to talk and listen. I don't have a lot of knowledge on the topic, and I don't really have many people to talk to about this. Some of the posts I've read already refer to "hyper-attentitive" wives, and I suppose that would be (or will be) me-- super organized, intensely motivated, etc. Ultimately my goal is to understand my fiancee better, work to empathize with his challenges, and acquire skills to make our lives more happy and equitable. Yes, I could simply take responsibility for everything (I'm certainly capable) but that would eventually fill me with resentment, and take away all his power. That's the kind of thing I'm looking to avoid.

I've gone on a little long. I'm looking forward to interacting with the community and sharing your perspectives. Thank you in advance.

-Miss kitten