Another Christmas and birthday goes by without recognition from H!

So another Christmas and birthday with no recognition from my husband. I always tell him I don't want anything for Christmas (because I really don't want THINGS) and I tell him to just take me out for a nice night. He said "Well I plan on doing that for your birthday, which is the day after Christmas, but what do you want for Christmas?" He says it's not fair that he told me what he wanted but I wont' tell him. finally I sit down and I come up with some things for him. All experiences, like concerts, plays, spa gift card, night at a nice resort and I show him the list. He looks at the list and goes 'Well I would be really uncomfortable at a country concert" I was like fine then forget that. There were several other things on the list. Well Christmas morning I get up and say Merry Christmas and he says the same back to me and then says "You don't have anything to open". I say "Well you do" He goes "At least I have someone who loves me". Well I got him a $200 heater for the garage that he wanted and $75 slippers. He tells me "Well we'll go out for a nice dinner this weekend." Yes, like you said for my BIRTHDAY! This is Christmas! You know what? If you had just accepted that I didn't want anything that would have been fine, but you INSISTED that I come up with something. Then you look it over and think that there's nothing on there you really want to do with me so you get me nothing! Do you know how that makes me feel? Especially when you tell me "Oh my mom, sister and stepmom got my gift baskets on time". Really?! Three people who you complain about all the time and never talk to and yet you get them gifts and you spend an extra $10 per basket to make sure they get there on time! I didn't want to spend $200 on a heater that I knew you'd barely use, but yet I got that for you. But you can't take a few hours out of a night and go to a concert with me? I went to a Metallica concert with you and was WAY out of my comfort zone! I go to your race days and am bored out of my mind but you get upset if I don't go. I dealt with your mom staying with us for a week who drove us up a wall. I just allowed you to keep 5 kittens from your mom when we only agreed to 2. And still you can't get me even a small thing??! Not even a spa gift card?

Oh and this was great too. I tell him Christmas morning that I want to go to this one bar tomorrow night. He goes "Oh is there a reason you want to go there?" Yes moron, it's my BIRTHDAY! It's like every year he tries to make my birthday the most miserable day of the year. I've always hated my birthday being the day after Christmas. I never had a party and it never really felt like a birthday. Now I've got him not even saying Happy Birthday to me or treating me special. By the way he didn't even tell me happy birthday until 11PM on my birthday when we returned form the bar and he was drunk! We are sitting on the couch and he is on the laptop and he goes "Oh I am going to get this game on Amazon. It's only $40 compared to $80. Merry Christmas to me!". Just jab that knife in and turn it a bit why don't you! Am I really the least important person on your list? Apparently I'm below yourself!

Oh and I guess my "nice night out" was going to the bar I wanted to go to last night and buying drinks for anyone who showed up to hang out with us. So he bought me a couple of drinks and a $5 quesadilla at the bar! Oh but he spent $125 at the bar so of course he thinks that's a great present. I didn't ask you to buy everyone drinks! You bought drinks for one guy neither of us even like and didn't ask to come...he was just there.

Oh and the box with Christmas presents for his daughter still sits on our kitchen table waiting to be sent to her!, sister and stepmom = #1 priority. Me and his daughter = lowest priority!