Another lovely day in the neighborhood...NOT

So my DH decided to not go to class today because he was too tired, but he was online about 20 minutes after I left the house....yeah he was reallllll tired.  More like he wanted to be on Facebook or talking to his gf more than he wants to pass school.  Not to mention he started an on campus group for the radio and he hasn't shown up for the last two meetings they had (yeah hes the president of the group) because they wont do things his way and hes not seeing this work out the way he wanted.  Or he is having one of the whores from one of the sex dating sites hes on coming over.  Who knows anymore...... 

Right now we are fighting via email (I'm at work) because he broke his tooth and we have no dental insurance.   He has decided

  • Its my fault we don't have insurance because I switched jobs.
  • Its my fault he cant get the state to pay for his dental work cause we are married and they consider our combined assets which causes us to have to pay $700 before the state will pay anything....funny seeing I only have the house in my name and the truck and 401K (which is the real problem) are his.  He has decided this is one more reason he doesn't want to be married anymore because there are nothing but "disadvantages" to being married.
  • He doesn't see us together in 5 years anyway because we have to many problems so why keep trying.


Yep my day is just going peachy!  I cant wait to get home bitching and fighting and hearing how I have trapped him and made him get married and how much he hates it.  I freakin GIVE UP!!!!!!  I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out!!!!!