Another Meeting Missed

DH has once again, pulled a no-show for our daily meeting.  Not sure what the hell is going on.  Yes, Im still hurt about his behavior the other night, but I have still remained available to him (phone calls to him, tried to attend our counseling meeting this morning but the counsoler didn't show - seems DH forgot to call and schedule the appointment (so its now been 3 full week without a session). But his isolating behavior is still in full force - eats and then retreats to the bedroom with the door closed.  I don't understand - he admitted how much he looks forward to our daily meetings - so why is he not showing up?  Could I "remind" me that its time for our meeting? Sure - but I gave that up along time ago - Im not his mother and Im not nagging. He knows how to read a clock, he knows that I am here for the meeting.