Hubby who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and I have been going to marriage therapy. His issues are mostly ADHD related and mine are issues of anger and resentment. Even though things have gotten so much better for us I can’t seem to shake the feelings of constant fear that something is going to go wrong again and he is going to break his promises or mess up royally again. He’s driven drunk for example and has had gambling problems but has nipped those in the bud. Anyhow, our therapist is recommending I go on antidepressants for a while so I can combat my anxiety and anger issues. She says anxiety and depression doesn’t always manifest as feeling low and wanting to sleep, which doesn’t happen to me. Generally I am a very positive and productive person but the anger and fear and resentment gets to me a lot. What are all of your thoughts on antidepressants for the non-adhd spouse? I have never had mental health issues and a part of me is thinking if he didn’t eff up so much and make me into this angry monster, I wouldn’t be in this position. Feeling weird about it all but also want to make my marriage work, for us and for the kids. If he is willing to put in the work and get meds, etc. for his issues, should I too? He really has been turning things around.