Any dietary suggestions?

So my H is not medicated. He hasn't been for his whole life. We are newlyweds who live in Japan. I am aware that things like Ritalin are actually illegal here... not even sure what medicine IS available. (Japan is a culture that loves to hide their head in the sand, refusing to admit there is a problem, so he hasn't been to see a doctor about his ADHD since his initial diagnosis at about 7 or so. )

I'm trying not to be a nag about seeing the doctor, because I know I have already asked too much, and he is starting to withdraw and ignore me. The more I researched about ADHD the more I realized that some of the things he does really are out of his control. So I try my best to accommodate him and hope he'll get where he needs to on his own. (And I hope that means seeing a doctor eventually... but I'm just going to persist and trudge on until then) Unfortunately I don't have all the years of experience that his mother has. She didn't want him to live a life dependent on medications, so she researched and did all she could for her little boy. But he's not that little boy anymore, and I am quite frankly a deer in the headlights most of the time. I can't take him to the pool and let him swim until his energy levels are spent - he is a grown adult now and we're going to have to find different ways to help him out.

So I am wondering if anyone out there has any good recommendations on a healthy diet for an adhd person? I know that refined sugars are undesirable. He's a binge-eater and coffee is his legal drug. I make less rice meals for dinner but I know he's still eating bread and rice during the day at work. Can anyone point out some good websites, or relate some of their experiences? Thanks in advance.