Any insight on how/why this became an argument?

My ADD husband makes his own cigarettes and keeps them in tupperware type containers. I had gotten him some cheap ones at the dollar store, but the lids were breaking and he needed more. I had recently purchased some for my own use in the kitchen, higher quality since they were for food. He texted me a 'list' of things he needed yesterday when I went to town...and "air tight containers" was on the list. I didn't get them, for a couple of reasons. I was in a hurry, they were on the opposite side of the store from everything else I was getting, and I just decided I would let him have one of the new ones I had gotten.

When he asked where they were later that evening, I told him they were in the cabinet, that I had just gotten some and he could have one of those. Actually he asked "did you get me any containers" and I responded with "actually, I didn't because I just got some new ones and you can have one of them". He was immediately upset.."just forget it, I'll get me some when I go to town". I explained that they were nicer and better quality than his others to which he replied "I wanted air tight containers!". I TRIED, to no avail, to explain that you're not going to get much more airtight than just your ordinary container...which is what I had. I even tried pulling out one that has a 'button' to compress the air out of it, but nothing doing him he just go angrier and said "why can't you just drop it?!!"

Why does this happen? It is about the containers really? I wondered if it wasn't about me buying him something 'shiny and new' since he's addicted to having 'new stuff' and me not buying them for him personally, he was insulted. Insulted that he'd asked for them and I didn't buy any? Felt slighted? I just don't get it. I finally just dropped it, like he asked...and he apologized a little after that for being so short. It was never mentioned again.