Any non-ADHD spouses suffer from a mental disorder/illness themselves?

I'm curious if anyone else suffers from any mental health issues while also dealing with their ADHD spouse.  I suffer from depression and I know that this only makes our marriage harder than it already is with the ADHD issue.  I'm not BLAMING my adhd husband, but I know the issues the adhd causes in our marriage has made my depression worse.  For the first time I'm thinking I could use some therapy myself, as I think about how negatively the adhd has impacted me in our marriage.  Of course my husband needs therapy and I desperately wish he would do it (and we could afford it, we would seriously have to put it on a credit card if we were to do therapy right now). 

If you're in a similar situation, do you feel your own disorder takes a back burner to the adhd issues?  Are you effectively treating your own disorder?