Any pearls of wisdom

So it's been a little over 3 weeks since my relationship ended with my undiagnosed adhd boyfriend. For the majority of of this time I've surprised myself and coped ok, feeling rational about it. However since the weekend it's been hitting me more, and causing a sadness, low mood and dare I say at times regret?! 

I think what hasn't helped is as in true adhd style he has been extremely cut and dry about it, has  consistently not shown any sadness over our ending . I mean the day that led to our demise he told me he loved me and was looking forward to seeing me, and has consistently pushed for me to move in.
With a whole host of cliched adhd symptoms: not worked for 2 years , lack of empathy, inability to complete and finish many tasks, distracted easily, hoarding scraps of paper, chaotic messy home garage garden and car, at times reckless driving, attention seeking namely flirting, gaslighting (eg insisting he told me about seeing a physio for his knee , booking a lads ski holiday, and denying I'd ever asked him to a party (despite me knowing he'd booked his kids in with a babysitter because of said party) WHY AM I BOTHERED?!! Any pearls of wisdom , I should be surely jumping for joy not pining for all the above?!