Any sucess with natural/herbal medication for ADHD?

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I wanted to know what other option’s are there outside of prescription medication’s to help with some of the symptoms of ADHD.  I have seen some natural/herbal supplement’s that are advertised to help with ADHD.  Has anyone tried any of these supplement’s and has had success with them? If so can you please share some of your experiences with us.


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There are two clinicians / researchers who have done a fair bit of thinking and writing on this topic. Dr Michael Lyons wrote the book Healing the hyperactive brain. I was impressed with the considerable effort he demonstrates by drawing on research from multiple fields. He agrees the problem is physiological and that the supplements must fix the same underlying problems that the meds are intended for. If you are really interested in this buy the book. The supplement plan is clearly spelled out by the author who is well qualified. Dr daniel amen also draws on natural supplements.