Any of you have ADHD as well as your spouse?

I am diagnosed ADHD. My husband is undiagnosed ADHD. Our daughter, who is now turning 6, is most likely ADHD. My first obstacle is getting them diagnosed. I was fortunate to be diagnosed quite a while back when I was 17. My husband is willing to get the assessment and treatment, but the problem is finding someone who doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We have insurance, but a lot of psychologists don't take insurance; at least not for this. My first goal is to get him on medication, just to stop the bleeding. After that, we can focus on the next step.

Of course, my being ADHD doesn't help. It sometimes feels like the blind leading the blind. Although I've learned how to harness my strengths and compensate for my weaknesses for the most part, and consider myself the "non-ADHD" partner, I do still struggle. Routine and consistency are of utmost importance to me to keep on top of things. But I feel like I'm running around in circles just trying to get the assessment. Anyone else having a difficult time just getting the road to healing started by making contact with the right professional for assessment? And is anyone else living in a fully-ADHD household (yourself included) and going bonkers??

And by the way, is anyone else really annoyed by the fact that the page in the forum when you are writing your content automatically refreshes every 5 seconds with a blue bar rising out of the bottom of the screen, demanding your attention? Just sayin'...