Anyone else have this happen?

He does this often.  He is in the garage along the driveway.  I drive in. He stands with his back to me - not acknowledging that I have come home.   Not saying hello and I KNOW he knows I am there.  Like at night when the lights are shining on his back or when I am right next to him with the car running.  What is that about? Is this ADHD related or is he just acting like a jerk?

That specific thing hasn't

That specific thing hasn't happened to me, but the lack of acknowledgment in other situations, yes.  I think it might be a combination of ADHD self-focus and a bit of shortage of social skills.  

Lack Of Empathy IMO Is Another Factor

I've had this experience a bunch.

The worst is when it happens in public.

I gave up on the idea of mutual friends long ago because of how embarrassing this got when other people would mention it.

"Does your husband always do this?"

No matter what I actually said, in my head, I was thinking, "Why yes, he does..."