Is anyone else not interested in sex with an ADD spouse?

I haven't had any sexual desires in....years.  I always thought there were many reasons for it, which there may be, but the last year or so I've boiled it down to just one thing-I don't feel close to my ADD husband whatsoever.  And I've told him this, of course he doesn't do anything about it.  And yes, when we have sex it's all about him.  He ignores anything and everything else and does whatever he wants until he gets himself done.  I know this is all part of the ADD, which he's only known about having for a few days now so we have yet to get him any help.  But it's like, not only am I very unhappy with our marriage, I don't even have the joys of sex.  He has an incredibly high sex drive, would do it every day if he thought I were willing.  He's had a porn/masturbation addiction in the past, but he's gotten past it, thank goodness.  But I think those addictions have negatively altered our sex life.  There's also a definite lack of trust, which is something you need in intimacy.  In any case, I'm just really curious if anyone just simply has no drive or desire for sex, including not even enjoying the sex, with an ADD partner they're not feeling close to. 

Also, those who's spouses have gotten help for their ADD, has the trust been built back up?  Was it difficult to do?