Anyone else really affected by ADHD spouse's poor active listening skills?

I think my husband has undiagnosed ADHD-a lot of the symptoms fit for him.  The symptom that affects me the most is his poor active listening skills.  When I talk, whether explaining something logistical or just sharing about my day/experience, he often makes very poor eye contact, and doesn't respond at all, or goes on to talk about something else.  Of if he does respond, it is more of a canned response like "oh, that's nice", which has started because I've told him I want more acknowledgment.  When I get upset about this (the poor active listening), he can often, but not always, regurgitate back what I've said to him and he thinks that should be enough because it proves that he really was "listening".  I struggle with this a lot and feel like he's rarely emotionally present when I talk.  When he doesn't actively listen, it leaves me feeling like I'm invisible, like I don't matter, and like I'm not worth listening to. Not only does it make me feel terrible, but it makes me feel disconnected from him, lonely, and hurt by him which then affects our relationship in a number of ways. He claims that I am too sensitive and that the fact that he can regurgitate back what I said should be enough.  So I've been trying to figure out if this is a me problem (too sensitive, insecure attachment, etc) or a him problem (objectively poor listening skills due to ADHD which would bother anyone) or something in between.  So my question is, do any other non-ADHD partners feel this way with their spouse? Feel really affected by their spouse's poor listening to the point that it gets you to want to just shutdown?  Thanks so much for any input as this issue has been causing a lot of pain in our relationship and I feel stuck in knowing how to fix it.