Anyone else on Vyvanse

I'm on Vyvanse.

1. How does it work? Not mentally, I mean does something else effect me besides the amphetamine?

2. should I feel it controlling the ADHD immediately, Once I feel the amphetamine kick in? or is it something that has to build into my system like anti-depression drugs do?

3. Should it last after the amped feeling is gone? Or should the ADHD control continue for the rest of the day? Because It seems to work for my procrastination. But it wears done in about 9 hours and I crash, making my ADHD worse.

4. Has anyone else felt like they can't top out there breath. Not really short of breath but when you go to take a deep breath you just can't get over the top of it.

5. Has anyone noticed any changes in taste? The toothpaste I used this morning tasted like dirty socks. Course it is one I haven't used before. And it has been sitting around for maybe a year. But then I was eating my ham sandwich for lunch, and had a distinct sour taste. It could have been the ham going bad. Maybe I was just having a bad day.